What is

Zootom VR?

Virtual Reality World

ZootomVR is something special! It gives you, the Zootom user, a choice of ‘Open Worlds’ (Virtual Worlds) where you can network and interact with friends old and new!

Create and personalise your own unique avatar, allowing you to choose your hairstyle and hair colour, skin tone, clothing, and general overall appearance!

Be as expressive as you like! This itself is brilliant fun and that is before you even step into the virtual ‘Open Worlds!’

Select your bedroom and have friends over, find toys to play with together and then select the ‘Open World’ that you want to visit first!

Why not have a blast in the Amusement Park with your friends with the chance to meet new friends from all over the world?

Jump on the Big Wheel and admire the view, climb The Treehouse, enjoy the twists and turns of the Rollercoaster, or check out The Haunted House?

Channel your inner Formula One Driver and visit the race track, driving around our fabulous circuit! Compete against friends and have a blast!

Other ‘Open Worlds’ to explore are The Jungle, The Beach and The School is COMING SOON! Not only do we care about fun, but we care about making learning fun too!

Where do I find

Zootom VR?


ZootomVR is currently available for download free of charge from the Oculus Store with more outlets planned for the future. After you have downloaded ZootomVR onto your device you will need to login.

Here at ZootomVR we take your safety EXTREMELY seriously and all of our Virtual Reality environments are heavily moderated meaning that any trouble is kept to a complete minimum.

The Virtual World is fun but never forget how AMAZING the real world is too!

What can users do on

Zootom VR?

Social Networking

Teenagers above 13 years may use the platform to establish a profile, create an avatar, pick an environment, and connect with each other.

They are able to converse with one another and enjoy themselves by exploring new surroundings.

Make new friends by searching and adding new people to their social circles.

What can't teens do on

Zootom VR?

Safety First

Inappropriate communications cannot be shared or posted by teenagers.

We want to make sure that any posts that could reveal personally identifying information aren’t posted.

Users are not permitted to impersonate others, harass, swear, or attempt to publish inappropriate content.

Is Zootom VR

GDPR Compliant?


ZootomVR is GDPR compliant, protecting your child’s data and ensuring that they do not share Personally Identifiable Information.

How Zootom VR keeps your

Children Safe?


Every newly added profile will be monitored by ZootomVR’s moderators 24 hours a day. Any reported content, improper text messages, remarks, or discussions are instantly responded to. Each reported event will be thoroughly investigated, and the moderator has the authority to take prompt action to ensure that such violations are not disseminated if necessary.

If any suspicious accounts are discovered by  ZootomVR, they will be permanently banned.

How can a user


Report & Block

Every environment in ZootomVR contains a “Report” link button.

If your kid wishes to report a piece of content, they may do so by using the report or block button.

If your kid wishes to report or ban a user profile, they can do so using the button.

If your kid wishes to report a conversation, they may do so by pressing the report or block button.

What is the role for


Help to Grow Better

If you’re going to leave your kid alone online, you should always remind them not to divulge personal information, and they should only utilise applications and websites that are appropriate for their age.

You may get our ZootomVR Safety Guide e-book from zootom.com for a greater understanding of the internet and safety, but we hope this has helped you get acquainted with ZootomVR, where socialising is important and safety is assured.